Annex United Methodist Church

The mission of Annex United Methodist Church is to transform the world by growing in faith and making disciples for Jesus Christ!


Our “Short” Story

In 1883, 132 years ago, in a time when a cigar cost 2 cents and Chester A. Arthur was the 21st President of the United States, the Reverend N.A. Kiracofe and the people of this area had a dream of having a “lighthouse for the Kingdom of God,” came a mandate to “detach Belmont Evangelical United Brethren from the South River Mission and attach it to the August Circuit.”  Just like a detachment of soldiers in the army of the Lord, a church was born from a mission church to a fully chartered Church of the United Brethren in Christ..  The Belmont Church of the United Brethren of Christ was located on the site of our current Annex UMC site.

Belmont Pastors:

Years Pastor Total years served
1883-1885 N.A. Kiracofe 2
1885-1886 J.M. Bolton 1
1886-1887 C. P. Dyche 1
1887-1889 J.M. Hott 2
1889-1890 J.E. Hott 1
1890-1896 J.D. Donavon 6
1896-1899 S.K. Wine 3
1899-1902 L.O. Baricker 3
1902-1903 A.N. Horn 1
1903-1907 G.W. Stover 4
1907-1908 J.C.S. Myers 1
1908-1909 W.S. Rau 1
1909-1912 G.W. Stover 3 1/2
1912-1913 A.P. Funkhouser 1/2
1913-1914 W.D. Mitchell 1
1914-1916 G.B. Fadeley 2
1916-1929 David F. Glovier 13
1929-1940 C.W. Tinsman 11
1940-1942 F.S. Racey 2
1942-1945 F.G. Senger 3
1945-1952 R.L. Brill 7
1952-1953 George Thomas 1
1953-1954 Wm. H. Smith 1
1954-1956 George S. Widmyer 2
1956-1960 E.B. Caplinger

Later in the same year of 1889, the Reverend John A. Brumbaugh came to pastor the church that Abner Shumake, A.J. Parish, and D.L. Snyder became the first Trustees, commissioned to, “erect and build” both a church and a parsonage. And the Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church was born.

The first thing Reverend Brumbaugh did after settling his wife and six children into the new parsonage, was to buy a buggy and a horse named, “Dick” for the sum of $100, in order to travel to all six churches on the circuit to which he was appointed to preach the Gospel message.  He reported that after being in this appointment for three years, Old Dick had taken him well over 10,000 miles!

In 1946, the Evangelical church and the Church of the United Brethren in Christ merged with a new denominational name of the Evangelical United Brethren.

On June 22, 1958 our current sanctuary was dedicated to the glory of God under the leadership of the Reverend E. B. Caplinger and under the guidance of the building committee made up of Paul L. Gilbert, Marcus P. Quick, Fred H Painter, James Russell Snyder, Charles W. Surface, Luther R. Sutton, Virgil Hevener, Mrs. Sadie Talley, Richard D. Miller, Clyde M. Wills, Mrs. Merlyn Hoover and Miss Phyllis Cannon.

Then, in 1968 the Merger between the Methodist Episcopal Church and the Evangelical United Brethren  created a new denomination named, “The United Methodist Church,” and caused a merger of the two churches, Belmont Evangelical United Brethren and Asbury Methodist Episcopal Church congregations forming one church with a new name, “Annex United Methodist Church.”

Annex Pastors:

Years Pastor Total Years Served
1960-1970 Rev. Bruce Pfeiffer 10
1970-1970 Rev. J. David Pratt 1/2
1970-1973 Rev. Thomas Griner 3
1973-1975 Rev. Robert Couch 2
1975-1977 Rev. Stephen W. Burgess 2
1977-1981 Rev.  David S. Willis, Jr. 4
1981-1983 Rev. Ralph Rice 2
1983-1984 Rev. Stephen J. Martin 1
1984-1989 Rev. Levi Stroud, Jr. 5
1989-1991 Rev. Lynn R, Wilbur 2
1991-1992 Rev. Edward T. Wright 1
1992-1998 Rev. Corrine “Kay” Marsh 6
1998-2000 Rev. Brenda Rose 2
2000-2011 Rev. Russell Heinrich 11
2011-2015 Rev. Deborah Cline 4
2015- Rev. Gayle Thornberry current

Over these many years, Annex UMC has most often been a, “two-point charge” with other churches such as Harriston and Crimora United Methodist Churches.  However, Annex and Crimora UMC has been on a charge together three times in their history: 1965-?, 1970-1981, & 2015-